Make your own Wedding Rings

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and impersonal but by creating your own wedding rings, you and your partner can focus on what’s most important - each other!

DIY Wedding Rings

In just one class, with your teacher Caity’s expertise and guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art of lost wax carving and together craft beautiful and professionally finished rings.

  • Matt Maley, Sept 2022

    The whole experience was really lovely and a great activity. The teacher was absolutely amazing. Would recommend to anyone!

  • Deborah Sini - Dec 2022

    We had a great time, a peaceful and enjoyable with your partner and with the expert guidance of Caity, nothing could go wrong.
    Thanks so much

  • Sarah Thomson - Nov 2022

    Loved our wedding ring making workshop. Caity was truly fantastic, so easy to get along with and so helpful and accommodating with our designs. She never rushed us, even though we went over time, and was committed to helping us get the end result we wanted. She provided all the assistance and guidance we needed, while still staying hands off and letting us make the rings entirely ourselves. We're so much more excited about these rings we have made for ourselves and each other in our custom design than we would have been to just pick them off the shelf. Thanks Caity for offering this fantastic experience.

  • Zoe Wells - April 2023

    Amazing class, time flew by! Such a wonderful process and Caity was so helpful along the way.