Are you and your significant other thinking of getting hitched? Are you looking for something a little different and you don’t want to sell a kidney to pay for your rings?  

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

In just a few hours I can help you and your loved one carve your own rings using the lost wax carving technique. We’ll cover the different varieties of wax and their properties, and how to create a ring using basic shaping techniques with files and carving tools. You’ll gain an understanding of the lost wax technique, casting and the finishing of metal jewellery. 

Most importantly you’ll be able to create rings unique to you and have a great story to tell your grandkids or cats.  

This is a perfect solution for you both to create something meaningful and personalised whilst avoiding the usual wedding wank (and price tag).  

A lesson for two includes 3 hours of learning and crafting guided by Caity as well as all materials. After the lesson your wax ring will be cast in Sterling Silver 925, finished by Caity and delivered to you. Please allow up to 3 weeks for finishing on your ring. 

The standard lesson price includes two sterling silver rings. Other materials available upon request.  

To book an appointment time please email


Check out what previous attendees had to say:

Fantastic class, learnt so much about lost wax casting, and Caity was lovely! The three hours flew by, recommend this class for anyone interested in jewellery making! Maggie, June 2020.

What a fantastic workshop. Instructor was brilliant so helpful without being over the top. So willing to share her knowledge and experience. Would highly recommend. Cathie, June 2020

Fantastic! Caity was super lovely and the class was informative and fun. Can’t wait to wear my rings. Highly recommend it! Hana, June 2020

This class was so much fun and Caity was absolutely excellent! Will be recommending this to others!  Ali, February 2020

This class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Caity has great skills with the wax and was knowledgeable about the casting process. She had a lot of funny stories, too. It’s cool to be able to make your own piece of jewelry. Rachel, December 2019

Had a great time at the Make a Silver Ring Workshop. Caity was friendly, her instructions were easy to follow, and she gave everyone one-on-one advice during the class and made you feel very comfortable even for complete beginners like me! Jane, December 2019