Make Your Own Wedding Rings

The wedding industry is pretty cooked.

Back in 2018, Caity got hitched and was overwhelmed at some of the shady business practices that vendors were using. In particular, having to call someone just to get the price! Caity vowed when she started these classes that the cost and what was included for that price was upfront.

How does it work?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and impersonal, but by creating your own wedding rings, you and your partner can focus on what’s most important - each other!

In just one class, with your teacher Caity’s expertise and guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art of lost wax carving, and together you'll craft beautiful and professionally finished rings.

The class is $550 and allows access for you and your partner to attend. All classes are private.

This workshop is perfect for creative couples who want to make and customize their own stunning wedding rings.

So what is included in the $550 cost?

  • A private three-hour class for two taught by jeweller Caity.
  • A comprehensive overview of the casting process, wax techniques, and the use of jeweller's tools.
  • One-on-one advice to help you bring your dream ring to life.
  • Two sterling silver rings, carved by you and finished by Caity.
  • Delivery of your finished rings.
  • Snacks!

* The only instance you might be out of pocket for more than the $550 is if you decide to upgrade to a different metal. See the FAQs further down.

DIY Wedding Rings!

The class is a private three-hour lesson for two people taught by jeweler Caity. All your class materials and tools will be included, as well as perfectly finished sterling silver rings for both of you.

Ready to go?

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  • Nicholas Chia

    My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in this private ring making class! The learning curve was very manageable under the supervision of Caity, and we both were extremely satisfied with what we managed to produce in 3 hours. Furthermore, Caity was very hospitable and friendly, which made the entire learning experience very fun and relaxing. We would highly recommend this experience to any crafty couple who would like a non-conventional wedding band!

  • Sarah Thomson

    Loved our wedding ring making workshop. Caity was truly fantastic, so easy to get along with and so helpful and accommodating with our designs. She never rushed us, even though we went over time, and was committed to helping us get the end result we wanted. She provided all the assistance and guidance we needed, while still staying hands off and letting us make the rings entirely ourselves. We're so much more excited about these rings we have made for ourselves and each other in our custom design than we would have been to just pick them off the shelf. Thanks Caity for offering this fantastic experience.

  • Deshaylia Moodle

    Caity is a lovely, hospitable host. An enjoyable private session full of patient advice about how to personalise our rings without making them look rudimentary! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend!

Rings created in this class

View the full gallery of rings created by our couples.


Where is the class held?

Caity's studio is located in Footscray, approximately 200 metres from the Footscray Train Station

Can our rings be in a different metal?

Absolutely! Other metals are available upon request, including gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. This process is very flexible, and Caity can help you stick to a specific budget for alternative metals. During class we carve your rings out of wax so you don't need to make any final decisions on metals until the wax rings are finished.

We're not getting married, can we still take this class?

Of course! Whilst this class is aimed at couples making their wedding rings anyone can book. We've had couples attending to celebrate their anniversaries as well as those just looking for a fun and unique experience.

Is the studio accessible?

Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible as there are a number of internal stairs to access Caity's studio. Caity is happy to accomodate anyone with accessibility considerations by arranging an alternative venue, please get in touch to discuss. Please also let Caity know in advance if you have any relevant requirements (allergies, scents, sounds etc) as she is happy to accomodate.

What is the technique we'll be using?

This class uses the fantastic technique of wax carving. During class, working together we'll carve your wedding rings out of wax. After class, your wax pieces are used to create a mould for the metal of your choosing. This technique is perfect for beginners because it is easy and fun. It also allows for much greater stylistic choices than fabricating a wedding band out of metal sheet or wire.

How long before the wedding should we be booking this class?

Your rings are ready approximately 2-3 weeks after your class. Ideally you'll take the class 2-3 months before the big day so you can can tick rings off the to-do list with plenty of time to spare. If you need rings ASAP, get in touch and Caity will try to accomodate.

Something has come up and we need to reschedule!

Not a problem! Get in touch with Caity and we can reschedule to a time that works.

How do we book?

All class bookings are through Classbento. They act as a third party, taking your payment and holding this until after the class takes place. If your circumstances change you can easily request a refund or change of date.

Lock it in!

Sessions can be booked out pretty quickly so schedule a time for your private one on one class now.

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